Carolina Beach

Wilmington presents the ideal scenario for an exciting getaway. The natural beauty and the cultural richness, but also the variety of fun activities, outlines Wilmington as the ideal destination where your dreams will come true.


The marvelous beaches detached from paradise and the beautiful Cape Fear River, sprinkled with buildings enjoying an interesting architecture, to which are added chic boutiques, cafes and restaurants beautifully decorated, plus the frenetic nightlife, are just some of the main reasons to explain why here, both locals and tourists feel the rhythm of life stronger than ever!


As you walk down the romantic streets, you'll be pleasantly surprised to hear the music that resounds all around you, wanting you to go directly to a theater room where you will enjoy one of the most exciting theatrical productions.


In Wilmington's historic river district you will have the wonderful opportunity to relax after a nice stroll, right on the seashore, where it will be quite difficult to choose the perfect place to eat, especially  as there are over 40 restaurants and pubs serving fresh sea food as well as tasty local specialties. You will feel downright lucky to find out that in the majority of them, the music sounds loud enough even after the sun goes down. Do not forget to walk along the river in the evening, being the ideal opportunity to enjoy such romantic scenery. Airlie Gardens are filled with so much beauty in every corner. Decorated with thousands of azaleas and tulips, are the home of the wonderful turtles and swans sitting undisturbed in the sun. Everything is blooming, so bring your comfortable shoes, as you will walk enough, plus a book and a camera to capture the paradisiacal landscape.


If you're in Wilmington, then clearly you should not miss some of its wonderful beaches: Carolina Beach, Wrightsville Beach and Kure Beach, where you can arrive in less than 25 minutes. From here begins the show! You have lots of options for outdoor leisure activities, like enjoying a cool cocktail on the fine sand, raising your adrenaline doing water sports or learning to fish and see how the feeling is when you catch the lucky fish… and these are just a few of the things you can do here, whether you're in the company of your partner or your family and children.


Nothing is more pleasant than sailing, especially if you're in Wilmington! There are many possibilities to choose your ideal cruise either it takes 1 hour or more. Whether you want to surf, to fish, to know the local history or simply laze in the sun on a boat that floats on the crystalline ocean, a small cruise is always welcome. So come sooner in Wilmington!

Escape the Beach: Head to Wilmington NC for a Night on the Town!


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